Interview with FROM LIGHTING


Interview with industrial designers Tobias Nitsche and Cesare Bizzotto, founders of the brand FROM LIGHTING.

TB: Hello Tobias and Cesare, how are you?

Hello Tiffany, we are doing well, thank you.

TB: Can you introduce yourselves?

We are Tobias Nitsche (German) and Cesare Bizzotto (Italian), we are both industrial designers and the founders of the brand FROM LIGHTING with which we focus on the design and production of LED lamps. We met in Switzerland during our master studies at ECAL where we both graduated in product design in 2013.

TB: Can you tell us more about FROM LIGHTING? How did it start?

Well, we spend a lot of time together in the Padova surrounding area called Veneto which is known for a dense network of smaller industry where people have tradition and skill in crafting design objects. We met many people that are open for new ideas which has strengthened the desire of being our own company. This means that we would not only design objects but also use that network for the manufacturing of our designs. One day we had the idea of combining that plan of self-production with our passion for lighting design.

Founding a lighting brand is obviously an ambitious project but being surrounded by experienced and cooperative professionals we felt capable to take that challenge.

TB: Tell us more about your first collection.

Our first collection includes mainly three lamps which are of different typology but share a common design spirit. There is a table lamp called “Aspect” which is a minimalistic proposal for a desk lamp, a small portable lamp called “Times” and a magnetic wall lamp that gives freedom of directing the light.

The last one which we call “Piazza” is one we are especially proud of. A magnetic LED panel can be moved over a metal surface and can further be rotated 360 degrees. It is a wall lamp that asks the user for interaction. It is fun to play around with and change the direction of the light to create different atmospheres in the room. Besides this quality of illumination the lamp has a great sculptural impact on its architectural environment.

TB: What is the major challenge while designing and creating lamps?

We feel that the today’s technological possibilities give us great creative freedom to invent new applications for light objects. It seems that there is a lot to explore and new solutions have to be discovered. Then within that basic setup of working mainly with LED light sources we see also a need to convince people of their use. Many people are still skeptical about LEDs. They wonder if the light quality is as high as with the good old light bulb or what a real benefit of an update could be. What we don’t do is designing lamps and then screw in retrofit LED bulbs. We are more interested in creating objects around the light source. The “Aspect” lamp for example is an object that questions the archetype of a desk lamp. It is a minimalistic sculpture creating light and an object that would not have been possible 25 years ago.

TB: What is FROM LIGHTING philosophy?

One of our core values for creating lamps is quality. We want all our designs to be executed in the best possible way. Therefore we work together with a selection of suppliers with a passion for detail. Building up a lamp requires many different components. All of these we manufacture in Italy; even the electronics.

There is also a very human aspect to our brand: we love to share the experience of collaborating with good people. We visited many of them together with the photographer Daniel Delang. On our website there is a section with the pictures. It’s no coincidence that we call that section ORIGINS. For us it all starts with the team.

TB: What are your biggest influences in design?

There were many different influences from the design field of course. Then we are two designers, one from Italy and the other from Germany. Obviously we grew up in different cultures, saw different things and one day decided to work together. FROM LIGHTING is a mix of many different ingredients.

What influences us today are the connections we have to friends being active in different creative disciplines. It is inspiring to see how people of our generation find their very own ways of doing.

Tiffany Bähler