Interview with Maurice Másson


Interview with Hamburg based designer Maurice Másson.

LIGATURE: Can you introduce yourself?

MM: I’m an independent and Hamburg based art director, designer and creative consultant. Graduated in formal communication design, I’m working in the creative industry for nearly 10 years now.

L: Where does your interest in design come from?

MM: My family owns a construction company where I came in touch with crafting pretty early. I always loved to play around in the company warehouse with different forms, shapes and materials when I was a kid.

So I guess this is where my interest in design and aesthetic evolved from over the years I grew up, as I think that there are a lot similarities between constructions and design in general.

L: Can you tell us more about NobleNorse?

MM: NobleNorse was originally founded as a platform for my self-initiated projects in 2011, but became a commercial Design Studio pretty fast, mostly supporting local and national clients with a collaborative network of associates until the end of 2016.

As I got back more and more into working as an independent art director and designer, I decided to take NobleNorse back to what is was originally founded for. A platform for self-initiated and collaboration in the fields of art, design and fashion. That was about 2 years ago and since then I realized versatile projects, one highlight has been the temporary NobleNorse Concept Store here in Hamburg. The current status quo for NobleNorse is to reflect, reform and reset and to develop a new direction for 2018.

L: Would you like to talk about one of the recent project you designed?

MM: I recently spend most of my time on a self-initiated project in the field of furniture design. I cannot talk that much about it yet, but it will be (hopefully) released in 2018. Besides that I mostly support national and international clients in the field of brand development and creative consulting. One project has been the visual identity for the upcoming brand VILLAIN that has been really fun to work on, as there were no restrictions for me as a designer.

L: How do you feel about the current design scene in Hamburg?

MM: To be honest I’ll say the graphic and fashion scene is very manageable, at least in the visual language that appeals to me. Of course we have a lot of renowned agencies and large design studios here that set a high standard in the fields of commercial design, but besides that there are only few small design studios, collectives and individuals who really push contemporary design forward.

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