Cool Cats — Doing Fashion 2017


 “Look Therapy”
Basel’s Doing Fashion Graduate Show 2017

This years Doing Fashion Graduate Show 2017 has left me in a fantastically medicated fashion haze.

Which was only a natural side effect since this years theme was “Look Therapy”. With the help of Prof. Priska Morger the students manifested a show full patterns, colors, contrast, tensions and most importantly a magical union of different collections that just worked so well together. I particularly loved the attention put into the accessories, the bags, shoes, and jewelry were the little details that elevated this fashion show to the next level, so professionally executed. I look forward to following the careers of all the graduate students

The Institute of fashion design Basel has teamed up with wildly creative professionals to create this years 6th Issue of Doing Fashion Paper. Leading the team is Creative Director Priska Morger, followed by Editor in Chief Andrea Sommer, Editor Swen Keller and Graphic Designer ClaudiaBasel.

This Issue has tons of “Look Therapy”, with It’s leopard cover and bold use of fonts and rich content of student work, images, and sketches gives us a glimpse into the making of each collection.

Equally stimulating was the video collaboration with Novembre Magazine, Saskia Dixie ( Video & Edit) created dreamy and therapeutique sequences to showcase this years graduate collections. Again following this years theme, definitely a sort of therapy, the students share their last intimate, somewhat voyeuristic moments as they say goodbye to the academic life and hello to the adventure that lies ahead.

Graduate Designers

Jill Bloch: Summer Is Over Now, But You Still Feel the Heat
Manon Noëmie Criblez: La couche cachée
Anna Fischer: The certain female
Janine Fabienne Fritschi: SUR_REAL The Surreality of Reality
Timon Imveldt: EXODUS
Eloïse Ise: What would have happened to gender history if unisex fashion would have been developed from men starting dressing up with gowns?
Lea Kamber: Équilibres (composés)
Olivia Lara: An Everyday Squint
Matea Lukic: studio_concept_00
Sophie Meret Müller: MERET EST EPHEMERE
Karin Meier
Barbara Muff
Lorena Projer: Mitgel e Marioschla Sgratan Sgraffits
Félicie Pythoud: SUIT YOURSELF
Evita Rigert: InEVITAble TRASH of LUXURY
Arlène Sagada: Where were you as the King of Siam died?
Andrea Selva: Future Nostalgia
Dominique Stalder: I care, I don’t care. A ride to your self-confidence.
Nina Wagner: Proposamena – process the daily dust
Melvin Zöller: about hiking

Daniela Party


Graphic Design