by Egli Studio and Matthieu Girel.

Hypercollection is a furniture and object system designed to furnish workspaces. It offers a new answer to the needs observed in the open spaces. Its goal is to delimit without closing in order to adapt itself to various contexts.

Egli Studio and Matthieu Girel are all working at the Renens-based (Switzerland) co-working space Hyperespace.


This shelving system is modular. Designed to furnish workspaces, it can also be used as a space divider. Its tubular structure is composed of multiple identical elements disposed in zigzag. The length of a module may vary from 1.25 to 5 meters thanks to the Swiss CDF boards.


Hung over a table, this modular ceiling lamp diffuses a warm light. The luminous sources, LED COB, are hidden in a cooling rail and offer a great lighting power for a low consumption. It is possible to influe on the intensity by setting the gap between the rail and the reflecting board.

Hyper_Table Lamp

This table lamp is based on the LED COB technology that allows a powerful lighting for a low energy consumption. Its two axis enables the lamp to pivot like a crane. The head can be oriented for a direct or indirect light.

Hyper_Low Table

This small format low table is easy to move. Its size gives it a spontaneous use, it is pleasant to exchange drafts and coffees on it. The structure is identical to the modules of the shelf, which offers the possibility to use rectangular boards.


This individual sofa can be combined to others to furnish various spaces.

It is possible to create a long row by disposing it in a single or a double (back to back) configuration. The system also allows to delimit a series of small lounges or even to form a ring around a pillar. The cushions can be taken apart so the structure becomes stackable. The felt cover can also be removed for maintenance.


This wardrobe is a variant of the shelf. It offers a suspension zone for coats as well as two tablets made to display bags and shoes. It is possible to combine wardrobe and shelving elements in order to create multi purpose furniture. The structure is compatible with round boards for many configurations.

Egli Studio,
Matthieu Girel

Julien Roux,
Younès Klouche

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