CLAIRE + LEA — Interview


Claire + Léa is a product design duo founded by Claire Pondard and Léa Pereyre.

Can you introduce yourselves?

We are Claire and Léa two product designers. We grew up in France and did our studies in Industrial design at Ecal.

Where does your interest in design come from?

We quickly discovered that we shared the same vision of design: sometimes we nearly have this feeling of “falling in love” with an object, for its mix of intelligence and naivety, for the story surrounding it, and sometimes only for its aesthetic.

How did you come to start up the studio?

Five years ago we met at Ecal, and we worked as a team every time we could. It was instinctive: our skills are different but complementary, we need each others to build a good project.

After our diploma in 2015, we couldn’t break the great working relationship we built, so we decided to iterate the collaboration. We’ve made a project for the Emile Hermès Prize 2016 and at this moment we launch the studio Claire + Léa!

Would you like to explain to us one of your projects?

Shadows object fascinate us, we love the poetic dimension it brings. After creating the project “Chiaroscuro” for the Milan design week in 2014 (a lamp you can light on by its shadow) we realised “Demi-jour” a game for children and we won the third prize of the Emile Hermès prize 2016.

“Demi-Jour” is a shadows game. It’s a collection of cards that you place at the back of your smartphone. By folding the card and activating the flash of your camera, you create a shadow. Each card has a different figure that you can animate in a darken room to create stories without any limits!
We recently developed a new version of this game with the studio Marant in Paris, you will be able to buy it by the end of the year on internet.

Do you have a favorite material to work with?

No, that would be so boring! We like every materials that can have a colour and can produce a shadow. Experimenting and discovering new materials is really important for us.

A designer that you admire?

We are really curious about everything, we admire and get inspiration from everywhere and in all kind of field. For example, we follow Nasa on Instagram where we find the beauty in the complexity of shapes and materials, we love to watch Wes Anderson’s movies where we find poesy and humour and we also get inspiration in the craziness of fashion design. We believe that looking somewhere else is one of the keys to go ahead.

Is there a book which opened your eyes about design?

Every time we are not sure about a decision to take, we open Jasper Morrison’s book “A world without words” on a random page. (The book is composed by a collection of photography. Every picture tells a story and creates a new one in juxtaposition with its neighbour).

If we find any relation between our project and the photography like a shape, a line or a function: we have to continue in this direction!

The last word…

Thank you!!

Projects by Claire + Léa. Interview: Dennis Moya and Tiffany Bähler, 12.16 ©