Ludmila Bredikhina, Russian graphic and type designer living in Lausanne, Swizerland.

— Hello Ludmila how are you?

Great. Happy to be doing this interview.

— Can you introduce yourself?

I was born in Moscow, Russia and been living in Switzerland for the past 10 years. I’ve just graduated from ECAL in Visual Communication but before that I was playing tennis for the Swiss Junior team.

— Where does your interest in graphic and type design come from?

When I was a kid I loved the letterings in old Russian books. And during my first 4 years of school in Moscow we had special homework that focused on drawing properly letters and numbers. Everyday we had to copy 50 times a set of characters and I really loved doing that. Later on I started to learn Japanese calligraphy, I was and I am still fascinated by it. There’s so much vivacity and energy in them. Just before ECAL I started to be interested in the LA gang MS-13 tattoos. I did a lot of tattoo designs that include that style of lettering. When I started ECAL, type design was the only course that I liked. For graphic design I don’t really know where my interest comes from. Just as with type design, the most important part for me is to make cool, bold and new visual ideas.

— Can you tell us more about your diploma project?

My diploma project is a unicase/monospace typeface in Russian and English. It has 3 weights and different set of lengths of the monospace. It has some visual variations in each character set depending on the weight and length. Style Games (the name of the typeface) was designed for animated headlines in the two languages. They work as teasers and are meant to captivate public attention. There’s a special set of alternates that allowed me to have fun and interesting transitions in the animations between different words and letters. You can find the animations on this twitter account.

— Do you have a favorite typeface?

Not really. But there’s one kind of typeface that I don’t like: and that’s revivals. I think that type design is about finding new ideas, new forms and new styles. To be innovative and exciting, even if it means failing a lot.

— A designer that you admire?

I don’t have any. It’s one of my principles to never admire anybody and to never follow anybody. There’re designers that I like for some of their ideas or works. For example Weingart with his visual experimentations with the letter M.

— Is there a book which opened your eyes about design?

Not a book but an author: Michael Rock. I’ve discovered his writings during my first year of ECAL and they allowed me to view graphic design from a different perspective.

— The last word…

I want it, I do it.

Pictures and projects by Ludmila Bredikhina. Portrait by ©Anoush Abrar.

Interview: Dennis Moya and Tiffany Bähler, 08.16