LIGATURE.paper — Issue A

LIGATURE.paper — Issue A

Content / Interviews with:

German graphic & type designer, Lausanne

Swiss photographer & graphic designer, Lausanne
Art director of YET magazine

Danish industrial designer, Copenhagen

Swiss graphic design studio, Lausanne

1st Edition, 300 numbered copies
Editors and Concept:
Tiffany Bähler, Dennis Moya
BÄHLER MOYA Studio, Lausanne
Graphic design:
Dennis Moya
Newspaper Club

Antique Lab (Capital), Swiss Typefaces
Cover and back cover:
Photography by Nicolas Polli,
 “Étude du Réel Chapter II”
Special thanks to Swiss Typefaces.

BÄHLER MOYA about LIGATURE.paper on :

“— You’ve been running as a blog since 2011. What made you now want to produce the content in magazine format?

D: The idea of making a magazine was always been there since we started the blog. We were finally motivated last year to publish a limited edition, which had 300 copies. The idea than materialised that we’d use a newspaper format with four exclusive interviews for our first issue.

— When designing a design magazine, art directors either go for a minimal framework or they use a lot of design tricks and colour. You’ve gone for the former: why did you opt for such a stripped-back layout?

D: For me it was the right way to start this project. It’s a sort of personal manifesto. The layout refers to our Swiss legacy, but through a contemporary lens. This is why we decided to use a lot of white space and to play with text blocks in a way that creates tension – we saw them as geometric forms on the pages. Using contemporary typefaces was also essential, as was the way we displayed the work of the people that we interviewed.”

Bähler Moya interviewed by Madeleine Morley for, February 2016