Andrea Guccini, graphic designer, Bologna and Milan.

Hello Andrea, how are you?

Hi, in these days I am rather broken.

Can you introduce yourself?

I was born in Bologna in 1993, when I was fourteen I began to study visual communication and I have never stopped. After high school in Bologna, I enrolled at the IED in Milan where I graduated in July. I am currently working on some projects between Bologna and Milan. The most interesting fields for me are editorial design and identity.

Where does your interest in graphic design come from?

When I was a child I really liked drawing so I decided to enroll at the graphic design course in high school. I was very lucky to have such an inspiring and stimulating teacher as Nu Trivisone, who fired up my passion. I began to study all the basis and the history of design and then I get to the heart of the project. I discovered that I loved this job and I wanted to learn more and more. Now, after eight years of studies, I have an almost intimate relationship with design but I want to keep on learning because I am sure there is still a lot to learn.

Can you tell us more about the book AG Fronzoni — Il progetto dell’essenziale?

This book started as a university project for the Graphic Design course at IED. Let’s say we (Martina Strata and me) get a little carried away because of our large interest and what was supposed to be a small booklet became a monograph. As we researched information about Fronzoni, we discovered that little was known about him, therefore we decided to get to the bottom doing some interviews (relatives, former students, the assistant, clients, collaborators and personalities of the Italian and foreign design) and searching through older publications and documents. In the end we had a lot of material, we just had to give it a shape. The book is divided into three parts: AG Fronzoni – the gallery – the interviews. From 4th to 8th November 2015 it was exhibited at the “Fabbrica del Vapore” in Milan, for the Millennials exhibition during the “International Graphic Design Week Milan”.

Who are the designers that you admire?

I really admire some small studios that try to do something new but at the same time can always maintain the high quality of their projects, however I love huge studios too, like Pentagram. Despite the opposite type, both of them are like a polestar to me. I typically adore Müller-Brockmann, Fronzoni, Escher and all the Swiss and Dutch school.

Do you have a favorite typeface to work with?

I personally consider Helvetica the typeface par excellence but I do not force myself to use it in every project. Simply, it often results to be the most suitable and adaptable.

What stimulates you outside graphic design?

I am very fond of cinema and music (my favourite film director is definitely Woody Allen!)

Which books are on your bedside table?

In this moment: Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk, My thesis book, 25 modi per piantare un chiodo by Enzo Mari.

The last word…

Thank you so much for the interview!




Interview: Dennis Moya & Tiffany Bähler — 11.15

Pictures ©Andrea Guccini.

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