Redesign of the French daily newspaper Libération by art directors Yorgo Tloupas and Javier Errea with custom typefaces designed by Production Type.

“Libé Sans and Libé Typewriter are comprehensive font families designed for the French daily newspaper Libération.

For the redesign of Libération, art directors Yorgo Tloupas and Javier Errea requested ultra-condensed, tall and flat-sided sans serifs in the vein of Compacta and the American Gothics (e.g. Trade, Franklin, News). However, none of these typefaces were a match for the complex specifications of the new Libération: a wide palette of expressions across a set of weights and widths, a very dense texture and space efficiency, a stacking system, and an automatic underline system — all of them referencing the typography of the newspaper when it launched in 1973. Beyond that, a tribute to Libération’s design history would not be complete without the influence of 1970s French faces. (…)”
— Production Type.

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Art direction: Yorgo Tloupas/Yorgo&Co, Javier Errea/Errea Communication.
Typeface design: Jean-Baptiste Levée, team: Yoann Minet.
Web design: Datagif. Images: Julien Lelièvre.

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