Moisés Hernández, industrial designer based in Mexico City.

Hello Moisés how are you?

Fine thank you.

Can you introduce yourself?

I am a newlywed designer based in Mexico City, before establish my studio in my hometown I did a Master in Product Design at Ecal in Lausanne. 
I divided my design activities in 4: I am developing product design concepts for companies in Mexico and abroad, I direct Diario, a brand that is rethinking the everyday Mexican objects, I am also a professor in one of the best design school in Mexico named Centro and finally I am founder and active member of Cooperativa Panoramica, a design cooperative in Mexico.

Where does your interest in industrial design come from?

I arrived to industrial design by chance, after I observed that my girlfriend was “making” interesting stuff in the college workshop, I saw that in a fun way of spending my time. After helping her for a while with her projects I decided to put myself into design.

What’s the idea behind the Policosmos toys?

Policosmos is the result of improving a project based in a production method, which I together with Eleonora Castellarin designed for an Ecal exhibition called “Low Tech Factory-Animal Growth”. For this we built a station that could produce toys. This was an amazing experience however the result of the toys even if they were beautifully shaped they were in a way “experimental” and not suitable for babies and kids because of the materials and techniques we were using. After this PCM, a Spanish design editor was interested in the project. Eleonora and myself solved and adapted the “low-tech” approach to an industrial one, improving mainly the quality and safeness of the materials, making now the toys suitable for all babies and kids (which is sometimes in the low-tech quite difficult to achieve)

You founded Diario. Can you tell us more?

I love Diario, it all started as my final project at Ecal. I wanted to do a project that could be just the starting point of something I could continue after my graduation, so I decide to create Diario, a brand that search and rethink Mexican objects and tell the story behind them. The name Diario comes from Spanish, which means everyday and also journal. The project was tutored by Augustin Scott de Martinville from Big-Game and Tomas Alonso at Ecal and it started with a silver, fabrics and clay first collection. The numbers of objects have increase after I came back to Mexico City, and new stories are coming soon.

What are the key features of your design?

Solving real needs of people and refreshing objects and solutions that have work since a long time.

What is the project that you done with more pleasure and interest?

Even if I have enjoyed a lot of projects, Diario is my favorite one.

Is there any designer you appreciate a lot?

Hard to answer because I am always intrigued by solutions and paths that good designers execute… Jasper Morrison, Tomas Alonso, and Liliana Ovalle from Mexico.

Which books are on your bedside table?

Kenya Hara “Designing Design”, Naoto Fukasawa and Jasper Morrison “Supernormal” these are also the two books I should consider as mandatory with my students.

What’s next?

New stories about Mexican objects and collaborations with brands and other designers.

The last word…




Interview : Dennis Moya & Tiffany Bähler — 04.15

Images : Policosmos families, collaboration with Eleonora Castellarin, photo by Jara Varela – Animal Growth, photo by ECAL Nicolas Genta – Parity, photo by Michal Florence Schorro – Diario, photo by Michal Florence Schorro & Prune Simon-Vermot.