ATELIER I+N — Interview

Atelier I+N, founded by Nathan Studer and Ismaël Studer, Neuchâtel (Switzerland).

Hello Nathan and Ismael. How are you?

Shall we answer in chorus?

Can you introduce yourselves?

We are born together, went to school together, graduated together and ironically we now work together! We are twin brothers born in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. We studied industrial design at Ecal in Lausanne and are back in Neuchâtel to work and live.

Where does your interest in design come from?

We have always been fascinated by the objects and the relationship that may be developed between a human being and them. What questions us is the analysis of why we hate or love an object, it’s nearly some anthropology of the beauty and the form.

How did you come to start up the studio?

After graduating from Ecal, we collaborated with our father’s architecture studio on small projects, as it worked well for us and clients called us back for bigger projects, we decided to open our own studio Atelier I+N, and find a new space to develop our work and team.

Can you tell us more about the « Gohanan » project?

Gohanan is a small production of piggy banks made end of 2014, produced in 250 copies. Our goal was first to question the user and change some of the aesthetic and functional codes. The form seems simple at first sight but answers to functional needs. We wanted to change the archetypal slot into a big one, that once the piggy bank is head down, it lets the coins slide and fall down.

What are the key features of your design?

As said previously, we like to change some of the codes, rethink the use of an object and try to improve the archetype established. We like to see the way a user can appropriates one of our object, it’s still interesting to see how one uses it and maybe how one finds a new way to use it, ways we wouldn’t have thought of.

What is the project that you done with more pleasure and interest?

Our work varies a lot, once we design pieces for small architecture and the other time we argue about a connexion detail for a desk. One of our projects that illustrates these different scales is a scenography that we have made for the watch brand Corum. We designed from the huge facade to the little side table. It was a very long-term project, so it was also very satisfying to finally see the stall open and having good reactions from the press and the visitors.

We also have just finished a series of tables and desks in steel and industrial ceramic, called Kéramos. It was very interesting to work on every detail with a logic of industrialization to obtain an economically viable product. An other facet that we like about our job, is working on collaborations with some friends, for example Ismael with Linn Kandel and Dimitri Bähler known as BKS, they designed together the UU collection for Hay and are working on other things.

We also collaborate right now with Atelier Peekaboo for a new project this year (keep eyes open!). It’s always interesting and exciting to change the dynamic.

Is there any designer you appreciate a lot?

For us, there is no specific designer but only specific projects or details. It’s hard to define some favorite projects as objects remain the same and us we keep changing. There’s a lot of projects that we like now and tons of others that we liked years ago and dislike nowadays.

Which books are on your bedside table?

Henki Bilal.
François Schuiten.

The last word…



Interview : Dennis Moya & Tiffany Bähler — 03.15

Images ©Atelier I+N.