A Project By — HELLOME

Warp Records Rebranding + Warp.net 4.0 by HelloMe.

HelloMe — Till Wiedeck — Berlin — Warp Records — 2015

“For 25 years Warp Records has been a synonym for adventures in sound and vision, consistently furthering their position as one of the most creative independent record labels in the world.

(…) HelloMe created an adaptive identity system including a completely overhauled typographic concept and the redefinition of the iconic purple that’s been synonymous with the brand for the last two and a half decades. A simple set of typographic rules is nested within a flexible grid system designed to beautifully host content of varying complexity and applications from billboard to iPhone while acknowledging Warp’s historical design language. To perfectly compliment the aesthetic development of the label we teamed up with type foundry Dinamo to expand the typeface “Favorit” by Warp specific icons and custom glyphs.

(…) [the rebranding] includes the creative direction and design of the iconic web destination Warp.net, digital and print advertising, merchandise, stationery and in-house documents. (…) For the relaunch of Warp.net we partnered with London-based agency Stinkdigital.” — HelloMe

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