Olka Osadzinska / Interview


Hello, Olka, can you introduce yourself ? Tell us more about you.
Hi there. I’m Olka Osadzinska and I draw girls.
I live and work in Warsaw. And I’m flattered you wanted to feature me in your magazine.

At what time did you realize you wanted to become an artist ? What led you to do illustration ?
I don’t think there was one particular moment. I don’t really think that this was a conscious decision. Or any decision at all, to be honest. It just happened and it’s happening everyday. I always thought drawing is fun. It gave my loads of pleasure. The more I liked it, the more time I spent doing it, and here I am, it’s my full time job.

What inspires and influences you ?
Fashion. Fine arts. Photography. Music. Books I read, films I watch. Sometimes a still frame from a movie can be better than a painting. Fashion would be the biggest inspiration though.

.You come from Warsaw, Poland. I saw you have organized in 2009 the first art fair in Warsaw, The Art Yard Sale. Can you tell us more about that, and more globally, about the artistic scene in Warsaw ?
Warsaw is super cool. You should come and see it yourself. There are some serious limitations to what we can do – money wise, space wise, etc. But this makes things even more valuable I guess. We always had some amazing artists in Poland and we still have. It’s the same in the graphic design and illustration. Polish film posters and Polish Poster School was considered as the greatest and most unique, and this visual spirit is still here. Just check a few names: Tymek Jezierski, Jan Dziaczkowski, Tomasz Walenta, Ola Niepsuj, Magda Łapińska, Arobal, Rafał Szczepaniak, Jan Kallwejt.

Tell us more about your creations, you’re very close to fashion design (fashion drawing). How do you work ?
I think I’m actually quite far from fashion design in the sense of creating “the new” and creating looks. Fashion drawing is a tool. It either shows the new ideas or it catches the moment in fashion. Rei Kawakubo once said that “fashion is only the right now” and I think that this also applies to fashion illustration. It shows the “now”. A month after it shows the “now” from a month before, you just see it through the clothes. It’s always a choice. You choose what you want to show, from all the things you like or admire. I think with what I do, it’s more about showing things I like, than creating them.

Digital illustration is a finality for you or do you want to create with other mediums (paintings, etc..) ?
I had a few painting projects. I know I should go back to this, find a moment to concentrate, do something more personal. My biggest problem is that I really love my work, so I don’t have that much time to think about new things. They happen sometimes though. I have a few things in my mind now, so let’s see what happens next.

Some projects to come ?
Quite a few. The biggest one will be released in Autumn 2012 and it’s going to be huge. World wide huge. I might feel a bit detached from it by then, since I designed it in June this year, but this is how it works. Other than that – magazines, campaigns, books, my calendar is full till March next year.

Something to add?
Yeah! Thanks for inviting me to your magazine :)


Thank you very much Olka !


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Interview réalisé par mail courant novembre 2011.