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Hi Hans Christian, how are you?
I’m fine thank you. It’s getting cold in Norway and we’re hoping for a white christmas.

How was Oh Yeah Studio born ? Who are you and what’s your background ?
I became very interested in dreams when I studied design and visual communication in London at Saint Martins. I wanted to explore and visualize dreams so I could bring it into my design and image making. I started reading Darwins theory of emotions and Freudian psychoanalysis. I was searching for answers, or a formula, so I could create images with only shapes and colors to stimulate the subconscious emotions. I wanted the viewer to feel one or more of the inherent emotions all humans have, like sadness, disgust, hate, happiness and so on. In a dream there is always something you can recognize (the figurative) and something that are kind of abstract and unreadable in a way. This was kind of a starting point for us.

You have your own style, using hand drawing illustrations on digital artworks. How do you work and how work the creative process together ?
Our style and technique is usually analog and digital drawing combined. The fusion is interesting (we think) because the digital vector shapes are a contrast to the analog drawings. Vectors give you perhaps a more designed feel, whereas the drawings evoke an expression of the ideological craftsmanship of the artist/illustrator, which is more about the creation of things.
We usually work close on each projects, from brainstorming to finished piece.

What’s your interest about illustration and graphic design ? When did you start to mix these two mediums ?
When we studied communication and graphic design we were both more interested in illustration and art so this mix is only a natural development of our education and personal interest.

What inspires and influences you ?
Surrealism and abstract shapes are usually present in our work. We often create with the idea in mind of how surrealism and dreams can communicate with the viewer and their unconsciousness. We also use a palette of few colors and elements to get a certain expression. We are very much in love with the ideology of Gunnar S. Gundersen how the use of few elements and few colors can emphasize the elements you actually are using. And also, we’re big fans of the wonderful Dali, El Lissitzky and David Lynch.

You did with Vim & Vigor an animated video of your works. Can you tell us more about this project ?
Society6 is an online gallery connecting and selling artwork from designers and illustrators from all over the world. They asked us to make a 1 minute short movie to promote ourselves. It was a fun personal project where we got the chance to work with lovely Vim&Vigor.

What’s your creative approach about clients like Adidas or the Art Museums of Bergen ?
Our idea for the Adidas project was to create visuals from all the cool comments said in the movie. Comments people could remember. We had total freedom to do whatever we wanted so it was a really nice project from a big brand.

You won many awards and nominations since 2006.  Each one has been a step for you ?
Awards and recognition has been a steps in the way that customers trust you. It’s like an approval in advance.

Is there something special you want to do in your work soon?
We have an upcoming identity/rebranding project of the norwegian “Good Morning show”, along with other web and illustration projects. We’re also hoping to get a chance to have a solo show this winter, so look out for updates in 2012!

Something to add ?
We’re looking forward to move into a new office space pretty soon. And in february we’re going to CalArts in LA to give a talk with will be really cool.

Thank you very much Hans Christian !

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Interview réalisée par mail début décembre 2011.

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