Interview with Sucuk und Bratwurst


Interview with creative studio Sucuk und Bratwurst.

Dennis: Hello guys how are you?

SB: Very fine but slightly tired – never sleep!

D: Can you introduce yourselves?

SB: We are Alessandro Belliero, David Gönner, Lukas and Denis Olgac four friends who founded a graphic design studio based in Mainz Germany, specialized in 3D artworks. We also plan events and develop merchandize to promote our work as studio.

D: How did you come to start up the studio?

SB: We all know each other from kindergarten and school. We were hanging out together way before anyone of us could think of being a designer or basically doing any job at all. Through all the time we spent together we developed a certain mindset that each of us bore deeply in our minds. We started getting interested in photography and graphic design first out of pure curiosity and soon recognized that this would be the way to earn a living on the one hand but also remain independent and free in what we were doing while also having fun at work.

D: Where does your interest in design come from?

SB: I don’t think there is a certain source for our interest. It’s just the process of creating freely that thrives us in our doing.

D: Can you explain to us one of your recent projects?

SB: We recently worked on a couple of projects for Nike, including artworks for the re-release of the classic AM97 last year. It is really a pleasure working with so many nice people and having a great looking outcome at the same time.

D: What was the idea behind the AM97 project?

SB: The main idea behind the AM97 campaign was to showcase the shoe in environments that are related to its history. The shoe itself is iconic for 90s rave and techno culture so our part was to create a motif that reflects all those elements while also not overloading the whole image. For this project our main inspiration came through collecting and looking at all sorts of album artworks and posters from those 90s days.

D: What are the major challenges designing 3D artworks for brands like Nike?

SB: Working for bigger brands like Nike doesn’t really differ from other jobs. We always give our best and try to implement our own kind of humor into our work. Having a personal connection to the projects and the people we work with is really important.

D: What is your biggest aesthetic influence?

SB: Sebastian Zimmerhackl <3

Dennis Moya


©Sucuk und Bratwurst
Portrait by by Hendrik Schneider
Third picture with Neven Allgeier

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