TIM KAUFMANN — Interview

Tim Kaufmann, graphic designer based in Nuremberg, Germany.

— Hello Tim, how are you?

Hi Dennis & Tiffany, I’m fine. I just moved into a temporary studio with three graphic design & web developer friends here in Nuremberg. It’s a small studio located in a charismatic backyard place, so I think it will be a nice environment to work in for the next couple of months.

— Can you introduce yourself?

I’m Tim Kaufmann from Nuremberg, Germany. In March 2015 I did my Design B.A. at Nuremberg Institute of Technology. Besides my studies I did some identity work for some creatives and built up a base of commercial clients. As I’m quite bound to the region and I never really wanted to work for the local agencies, it was quite consequential for me to set up my own studio here in Nuremberg.

— Where does your interest in graphic design come from?

I think it started as usual by drawing a lot from an early age on. The year before my studies I was really taken in by the oeuvre of German artist Horst Janssen as I stumbled over a little book with his poster work. Interested in art history, I applied for the design studies mostly with drawings and aquarelle works and only a vague imagination of what typography actually was. So my interest in “real” graphic design actually developed quite late during my studies.

— Would you like to explain to us one of your projects?

Together with Nina Pietropoli I designed the poster for “Sommerkollektion”, an arts and culture festival at the former Quelle complex in Nuremberg. Since this was the last festival to ever take place at Quelle before the building was closed in January 2016, we wanted to design a poster that transported some kind of wistfulness combined with the last summery vibes of the year. So we decided to play with an abstract melting cone form, blurring the surrounding typographic elements.

— Do you have a favorite typeface to work with?

I like timeless fonts with a twist. I invest a lot of time in searching fonts that match the project and the client. This implies that I actually don’t use the same font too often.

— Is there any designer you appreciate a lot?

Speaking of contemporary graphic design I still really appreciate Ruedi and Ollie of Bureau Collective from St. Gallen. Their process of research/conception and constantly scrutinizing their design evolves in creating unique and elaborate solutions. Concerning my working method, I learned a lot from these guys.

— Is there a book or a manifesto which opened your eyes about design?

I cannot tell if it opened my eyes about design but “WHO but” definitely was a book I read from first to last that provides a self-aware perspective on contemporary design culture. A very well curated read but unfortunately only available in German.

— The last word…

Merci for having me, Tiffany & Dennis.


Pictures and projects ©Tim Kaufmann.

Interview: Dennis Moya + Tiffany Bähler, 04.16


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