Millimetre font + posters


For the release of its latest typeface at Velvetyne Type Foundry, Jérémy Landes asked 11 different graphic designers to seize it and show their point of view on this typeface with a poster. The resulting collection of posters tells different stories with the same starting pont but leading to opposite places.

Millimetre is a series of fonts constructed on a grid based on the metric system. It follows the decimal logic of the latter. In this typeface, each em-square is vertically and horizontally divided in 10 units (decimal). Printed at a 1 cm size, the strokes of the regular weight will be 1 mm thick. Both white spaces and black stems fit on this grid. Half of the lines and columns of this 10×10 grid receive the stems and the strokes of this font whereas the other half is there to receive the white spaces inside the letters and between them, making Millimetre rhythm quite unique, totally settled, like a barcode.

From a stylistic point of view, Millimetre is a geometric, constructed sans serif, with quite wide proportions even if the width of several glyphs could contradict this statement. With its rectangular look and closed terminals, Millimetre reminds us of 60’s sans such as Aldo Novarese’s Eurostile. Far from running away from this graphic universe, Millimetre embraces the retro-futuristic, architectural, technological and science-fictional connotations that come with it.

Millimetre is a free font distributed by the french open-source type foundry Velvetyne. Acting on the typographic scene since 2010 when it was created by Frank Adebiaye, Velvetyne works on making the graphic design scene know the open-source tools and questions. After asking the public which new version of Millimetre they wanted more, Jérémy is now currently designing the light one and began the black which will be released in a second time.

To see all the posters + download Millimetre : Velvetyne website.