Konsens Magazin #1

Konsens Magazin #1
Die Russen kommen
(The Russians are coming)

“The common image about Russia we have in the western world is in the main focus of the first issue. This prevalent opinion does not only influence the european discourse about Russia, it also has an influence on the diplomatic relation between the countries and there governments. Not only since the Cold War we know the opposing depiction of east and west, which supplies nearly endless materials for the western pop culture. Eventhough this fight is long overdue, the view on Russia hasn‘t changed a lot. Russia is still often seen as the unpredictable country in the east, which seems to be an immediate danger for us.

The magazin is based on the contrast of content and form. On the editorial layer this issue does not give an apologia or counter statement to the current image of Russia. But it wants to question it in a critical way and show various perspectives. The focus is on topics and aspects, which often are missed out in daily press. The image part gives a visual picture of Russia in movies. Image material of movies of different eras and styles reveal tendentious patterns. It is not always obvious if Hollywood gets inspired by reality or if it works the other way around.”

february 2016
ISBN 978-3-033-05480-6
print run: 300 copies CHF 30 / € 27

language: 3/4 german, 1/4 english

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