BÄNZIGER HUG — Interview

Bänziger Hug, St.Gallen based design studio founded in 2011 by Samuel Bänziger and Olivier Hug.

Hello Samuel and Olivier, how are you?

S — We’re just about to move into a new studio. We are in the process of making some building alterations, before moving into our new office at the Eisengasse in St.Gallen, which we will share again with our studio mates Barão-Hutter Architects. So we’re well occupied…

Can you introduce yourselves?

S — We are Olivier Hug and Samuel Bänziger. Together we form the studio Bänziger Hug. Olivier is somehow the brain, the programmer and I am the graphic designer.

Where does your interest in design come from?

S — My dad is a tattoo-artist, my brother is a graphic designer too. The passion for design lies within the family.

How did you come to start up the studio?

S — Olivier once said, let’s go for a legal entity and so our journey began.

Would you like to explain to us one of your projects?

S — Maybe MIND THE GAP — Kunsthof Zürich, Documents and Materials 1993—2013. The publication shines a spotlight on the rich archive material that has collected over the years. The hand-written notes, exhibition plans, invitation cards, photographs of the works of art and copies of exhibition texts authentically bring an aesthetic quality to light that accompanies the zeitgeist and overlays the diversity of the concepts. The documents allow the visitors to experience an exhibition site that enabled artistic experimentation and sparked an exciting discourse about art in public spaces.

The publication collects all of the artistic projects completed over the course of twenty years at the Kunsthof. Every project is briefly presented on one page followed by the selected archive material. The chronological order and a glossary of names in the Appendix make it possible to look up specific artists. In a comprehensive essay, Christoph Schenker, the curator for many years and the initiator of the project, provides insight into the history and conceptualisation of the Kunsthof.

The corresponding website references supplemental audio and video documents from the book. These can be accessed at editionfink.ch/kunsthof.

Do you have a favourite typeface to work with?

S — Generally I like timeless, boring fonts.

Is there any designer you appreciate a lot?

S — Hmmmmmmm… Larissa Kasper and Rosario Florio.
We often work together and the collaboration is awesome.

Is there a book or a manifesto which opened your eyes about design?

S — Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s The Idiot.

The last word…

S — Amen

Interview: Dennis Moya & Tiffany Bähler — 01.16

Pictures ©Bänziger Hug
«Das Fremde ist nur in der Fremde fremd». In collaboration with Krispin Heé. / A-Typical Plan. In collaboration with Larissa Kasper. / Space of Production.
In collaboration with Kasper-Florio / Z H T. In collaboration with Kasper-Florio

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