MARK BOHLE — Interview

Mark Bohle, graphic designer based in Stuttgart.

Hello Mark, how are you?

Hello Dennis, hi Tiffany. I am fine, thanks.

Can you introduce yourself?

I was born in 1986. The last six years I have been studying graphic design and art at the State Academy of Art and Design Stuttgart. At university I learned from professors such as Patrick Thomas, Niklaus Troxler, Gerwin Schmidt and Markus Wichmann. I worked in different fields of design with a main focus on illustration, corporate design, event identity, typography, book and poster design as well as conception. Alongside working for clients I constantly develop silkscreen editions and free projects.

Where does your interest in graphic design come from?

I always wanted to call myself a designer when I was young, but I did not know the meaning of the word. Maybe my interest comes from writing Graffiti. I loved to draw names and words in public spaces. The construction and deconstruction of letters and characters was always fun for me. Building these funny forms and free shapes always attracted me somehow.

Would you like to talk about one of your project specifically?

With a friend of mine Hans-Jörg Seidler I designed a poster for the exhibition of our professor Patrick Thomas, titled 451° F. The temperature when paper starts to burn. Instead of printing a poster for the exhibition we used a stencil and a Bunsen burner to write the information into the paper. Every poster is a unique piece, some are easy to read, some are not. That was a fun project.

Who are the designers that you admire?

I love Max Lamb and his products for the sense of imperfection.
I love Shigeo Fukuda for his easy swinging drawings.
I love Seymour Chwast for everything he worked on.
I love Peter Piller for his unbelievable photographic comments on daily life.
I love Ludovic Balland for his spicy and precise graphic work no matter what medium it is.
I love Michaël Borremans for his tiny little drawings. They are so silent and at the same time they really destroy everything around you.

What stimulates you outside graphic design?

Arthur Russell, riding my bike, playing boule with my friends and of course everything besides daily routine.

Which books are on your bedside table?

Keith Haring – Diaries & Florian Pfeffer – Die neue Rolle der Gestaltung in einer veränderten Welt

The last word…

is to thank you Dennis and Tiffany.



— claudia rasmussen (artist book) in collaboration with hans-jörg seidler
— zigzag, 451, thank you for shopping (posters) in collaboration with hans-jörg seidler
— das mit dem leben und der liebe (artist book) in collaboration with hans-jörg seidler and levin stadler
— zigzag (exhibition catalogue) in collaboration with hans-jörg seidler


Interview: Dennis Moya & Tiffany Bähler — 11.15

Projects ©Mark Bohle

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