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Multi styles FuittFuitt, Laurence Yadi et Nicolas Cantillon.

Produced and published by bülbooks.

“Multi styles FuittFuitt, a complex yet simple book with multiple reading paths, will sneakily, open doors to Laurence and Nicolas’ personal approach of contemporary dance. Seventy-two pages, carefully balancing practical texts, a Chinese anecdote and romantic encounter in Arabic. Personal diary as well as practical guide unveiling the FuittFuitt secrets, this book printed in warm red and black will pave the way to an unique collection of hijacked practical guides. Without flinching, Laurence and Nicolas’ FuittFuitt hope to accomplish with dancing what Bruce fought for with Kung-Fu.
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Our books are produced in close collaboration with high quality printers in Geneva, Switzerland. We believe it is possible to make simple but delicate books, with complex yet accessible content. To follow up B.ü.L.b comix, first maximinimicromacro editorial experience, bülbooks represents our next lab in the publishing world. This fresh imprint could be considered as a logical part of an ongoing publishing process, this time with less illustrations but more words. Real fake multifaceted practical guides.” — Bülbooks.

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