Drive Like You Stole It series by Nicolas Polli, 2014.

You know man, when you race you have to think just at one single thing:
Drive Like You Stole it.”

“It’s with this sentence that I started this photography study in my personal view on tuning. I’m unfortunately not tuning my car, I decided then to avoid this problem with a photography research, testing different style, as collage, intervention on images and of course simple images. Working on all the things I see in this culture, but that I was never able to do personally.

I worked with the personal aim to not do a normal photography research, but to work with a purpose. In this case it was to show a clothing collection linked with the topic I touched.

I had the great opportunity to ask Études Studio to lend me some of the amazing clothes they realized in their 6th collection. As it was not a commission I had the opportunity of experiment a lot, using the clothes as a visible guideline through the entire book, but that at the same time is not more important than the images and the mood of the project.

As it was a project on an underground culture, I worked especially hidden from the reality, and it was quite funny because one night I was shooting near an highway to shoot some concrete construction at 3 a.m., and at one point a police car stopped me saying that some car drivers called them to say there was a strange guy. They didn’t arrest me but they looked at me during one hour, to let me finish my image.”

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All images by Nicolas Polli, 2014. Work realized at ÉCAL, not commissioned by Études Studio.

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