A Project By — ADAM KATYI

Menœ Grotesque designed by Adam Katyi and published on Hungarumlaut.

“Menœ Grotesque typeface was inspired by an old Continental typewriter. I analised the serif typeface in this machine and drew my own sans serif version, keeping in mind the typewriter traditions. This typeface is a 10 Pitch font: if you set 10 letters in 12 Points size, it will be 10 Pitch (1 inch) wide. Menœ Grotesque is a monospaced typeface, all the characters are in same bounding box width. Perfect for programming or setting text in columns. Supporting languages is a really important question for us. Up to latin, we support greek and cyrillic scripts, all together 86 different languages.” — Adam Katyi

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> Interview with Adam Katyi (2013)

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