It’s with a huge enthusiasm that we share with you this great news. ECAL (from where the three Swiss Typefaces partners Ian Party, Maxime Büchi and Emmanuel Rey are alumni) associated with the innovative type foundry Swiss Typefaces are about to launch the ECAL Typefaces project.

With the ECAL Typefaces project, their aim is to bring attention to the students work and display the high quality typefaces created by ECAL students. A new Swiss style is coming from Lausanne, and the implication of Swiss Typefaces is important as they are teaching there since almost 10 years.

The collaboration between ECAL and Swiss Typefaces made this project possible: ECAL had the fresh typefaces and the idea to make them available, and Swiss Typefaces had the technical support to finish the student fonts and their expertise in online font distribution. Together they created this first type foundry belonging to a school, under the administration of its director Alexis Georgacopoulos.

We talked with Emmanuel Rey about the project:

« We are working on it for exactly one year. ECAL had a growing demand about typefaces that they used on flyers and invitation cards and we also heard a lot of good feedbacks on student projects featuring their own fonts created at ECAL. The idea was to not forget some interesting typefaces which deserve to be shown and used by other designers. ECAL Typefaces proposes something spontaneous, reflecting the creativity of the young design scene, far away from the sometimes too slow and conservative type design scene.

We designed the website and thought the strategy. The platform is super easy to use, direct, no description, you see the font, you like it, you buy it and you become a happy designer. »

Swiss Typefaces does not earn money on the sales of the students work, the earning being shared equally between ECAL and the students.

The platform will be online on the 30th of April and the launching event will be in Lausanne at Harpe 45.




Texts by Dennis Moya with Tiffany Bähler and Swiss Typefaces. Images ©ECAL Typefaces.

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