Tumultingent by Team Lavalamp — Corbin Mahieu, Dries Deriemaeker and Timon Mattelaer — Ghent.

“An inviting and a lively chaos, that’s what we wanted to visualize with the Tumultingent series. The third edition of this festival took place at more than 30 locations in the city of Ghent and has become a statement in the fresh and expanding art scene of the city.

When the poster is visually deconstructed, you can see that it consists out of three layers. In the first layer you have a typographic approach of the meaning of chaos. The second level reveals an abstract composition of an explosion. The third layer shows a photo of a pillar of smoke, which gives a very figurative layer to the design.

The only restriction we were given was to use only black and white. Instead of making the design very contrasting, we’ve chosen to give the design a grey overlay, as if it was covered by a cloud of dust.

Last year we were asked to design the previous edition (tumultingent2). Our main focus there was to create a visual number with chaotic elements around its centre. This year we took a different approach, making sure that every edition holds a unique identity and given it space to still adapt and change. For this year’s edition we’ve focused on the meaning of the word ‘tumult’, instead of the number of the edition.” — Team Lavalamp

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