Seaside Sofa designed by Daniel Wehrli.

How much does your sofa weigh? The Seaside outdoor sofa is made of a bent aluminium frame and a tight net cover which is held under tension with belts. The removable textile allows stacking the frames. Furthermore the sofa can be taken apart and is optimised for flat pack shipping and storage. The piece weighs less than 20 kg. The lightness of the sofa evolves from the reduced construction providing comfortable seating with minimum material, in opposite to the usual product language of upholstered furniture. The simplicity reveals the naked structure and reminds of the famous deck chairs on the great ocean liners. This project started as a master thesis at ECAL, Lausanne.”

>   danielwehrli.ch

>   Interview with Daniel Wehrli (2013)

All pictures: Maxime Guyon, Lausanne.