Flyer invitation — Chris Gautschi and Matthieu Spohn — 2015

“Concept for the opening of a workspace bringing together different trades. The idea came up while having a conversation with my friend and photographer Matthieu Spohn, who is part of the collective himself. We collected objects that relate to the tenants’ various professions, which include trades such as hairdresser, stylist, tattoo artist, photographer and so on.

Being faced with this inventory of objects and the way they line up, whether in a categorized way or not, is becoming unconsciously fascinating. The exact same process occurs when contemplating Hans Hansen’s photographs, known amongst other things for having disassembled an entire Volkswagen to take a picture of all its components. His innovative style distinctly was our main inspiration when coming up with our concept.”
— Chris Gautschi

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>   Interview with Chris Gautschi (in french)

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