Clément Pascal, French photographer living in New York.

Hello Clément, how are you?

Pretty well thank you. Currently enjoying the sun for the weekend in Miami, which is very welcome as it’s incredibly cold in New York right now!

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Clément Pascal, I am a French photographer living in New York City for about 4 years now. I shoot fashion, portraits, studio visits… I’m also obsessed with direct sunlight, good design and art.

Where does your interest in photography come from?

My father is an amazing still life photographer, although I don’t think I cared about it so much when I was younger. I think that growing up around it and spending time in my father’s studio really made me love the craft, with a touch of nostalgia. Later I started doing a lot of graffiti and skateboarding with my friends and photography was an obvious part of that. I also started traveling a bit and realized that I loved taking pictures of my friends and all the beautiful things around me.

Your work focuses on portrait photography. What do you like about this subject?

I’m not sure if I really focus on portrait photography. I like taking pictures of things around me that interest me, that are beautiful, interesting, graphic or surprising (people but also objects, scenes, moments…).

On the other hand I like shooting portraits because I like meeting interesting people, and getting a sense of who they are. I also like that intimacy you get with the subjects even though sometimes you have only known them for a few minutes.

Is there a shooting that marked you more than another?

I photographed Glenn O’Brien recently and it was really interesting to meet him and talk about art and style. I also photographed the rapper French Montana while playing basketball in the middle of the lower east side. That was pretty fun.

Who influenced you in terms of image aesthetic?

I have so many influences! I saw a Richard Avedon show in Paris when I was younger and that really marked me. His portraits are just so incredible. They were also playing a documentary about him that was amazing, with stories about the shoots, how he got a certain look on someone’s face… (It’s called Darkness & Light, you can watch it on YouTube)

Then Helmut Newton was a big influence (his autobiography is a wonderful book to read) Now Juergen Teller, Zoe Ghertner, Alasdair McLellan…

Which books are on your bedside table?

I’m reading a biography of Jackson Pollock right now and another book about Agnes Martin. I’m also reading that new David Duchovny book about a cow, a pig and a turkey escaping from a farm.

The last word…

Never stop shooting, never stop learning.



Interview : Dennis Moya & Tiffany Bähler — 03.14

Images ©Clément Pascal.