Monumentum by Alice Franchetti — 2014 — diploma project — ECAL.

« My project is about the fifteen most visited monuments in Europe. I have seen most of them in the past few years and thought they were all very interesting but I found that often the visiting conditions were not ideal. For example there are too many tourists, in summer time it’s too hot, the heat is unbearable, it’s hard to have a good view, you have to struggle to see the monument. I call it «The Mona Lisa Phenomenon», it’s when the people tell you they have seen something famous because it’s famous but most of the time they have seen it through their camera. For me it is a pity…

So I wanted to show a new vision, a new way to visit. I wanted to try a new approach, so I came up with a new language that allows us to rediscover the monuments. I decided to decontextualize some of their most characteristic elements. I have organised my book in three parts : At the beginning there is a mixture of all the monuments, it creates an immersion and some interesting confrontations of different architectural styles.

Then in the heart of my book, I have categorized the elements by family, like the moulding section, the page is full because there are many mouldings, or the cupola section, the page is less full because there are less elements… And if you want more information you can have a look at the end of the book, all the elements are in a glossary. There is also an insert in the middle because I wanted to show another kind of visualisation, it creates a break and brings another dimension.

These very different monuments let us travel through the ages and explore a large panel of forms. My edition is composed of five hundred elements, fifteen monuments, seen through just one visit. It creates an architectural journey through which the reader can be transported into the past. I wanted to do this in 3d, black and white because it harmonises all the very different elements and I wanted to have a very radical aesthetic, giving everything the same importance. » — Alice Franchetti.

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