STUDIO SP-GD — Interview

Studio SP-GD, founded by Surya Prasetya, Melbourne.

Hello Surya, how are you?

Pretty good thanks.

Can you introduce yourself?

I am the founder and director of the Melbourne design studio SP-GD. We develop ideas and offer creative direction, branding and identity for various industry fields. In my spare time I enjoy designing/making furniture and objects (it helps me step away from the screen).

Where does your interest in graphic design come from?

I don’t know exactly where it stemmed from but my dad was very particular in terms of neatness around the house (insisting that everything had to have its place) whilst on the other hand mum was more the artist/painter type. The good thing about graphic design is that it has so much to do with the structure and the placement of information. That for me was a natural blend of art and systems.

How is the design scene in Melbourne?

There are a bunch of good designers doing good things here. I feel the design scene is very influenced by what country is currently trending. It is a reflection on how we tend to look out to other influences and adapt accordingly. The positive side is that the scene stays fresh and constantly changing.

What is the project that you done with more pleasure and interest?

I really enjoy working with Thursday Sunday there is a real synergy and trust between us which helps produce some of our favourite projects. Working with good people always helps keep you interested in what you’re working on.

What are the key features of your design?

The studio tends to be very content driven. Layout, placement and simple use of typography would be the key aspects to our design. We like to try and add a little playfulness when required.

Is there any designer you appreciate a lot?

I was shown Experimental Jetset when I first started out as a graphic design student and continue to find their work inspiring.

Which books are on your bedside table?

Strange Plants & Aalto by Robert McCarter.

The last word…

Thanks guys.



Interview : Dennis Moya & Tiffany Bähler — 02.15

Images ©Studio SP-GD.

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