HREFNA by Miloš Ristin, ECAL workshop, Reykjavik + Lausanne.

“In winter 2013 I had the opportunity to participate in a workshop in Iceland, organized as a collaboration of the ECAL with the Icelandic School of Arts and led by Brynjar Sigurðarson. We were working with typical materials of the region but remote to design like whalebones, shark teeth or fish skins. During this incredible week, we developed concepts, which were then refined in the following four weeks and finally got the chance to be presented at the International Furniture Fair in Milano, the Designer’s Days in Paris, and the show Quiz in Nancy, curated by Robert Stadler. It was published in Abitare and the Architecture Digest.

The main interest of my work was to highlight the mesmerizing beauty of this 60 kg and 1.6 m long minke whale skull. As designers, we often let nature inspire us and try to recreate its beauty or function in an artificial object. My intention is to show the beauty but also the limits of such an interpretation. The one half of the skull was completely remodelled, filled and covered with a dozen layers of primers and metallic paints and finally finished with a transparent car lacquer. It is a try to achieve formal perfection, while keeping in mind that the actual perfection was the minke whale (Hrefna) in the ocean.” — Miloš Ristin

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ECAL | Workshop in Iceland | 1 + 4 weeks | Reykjavik + Lausanne | March 2013
Studio photos: Nicolas Genta | Raw photos: Emile Barret.