Absolute New York, Book by Deutsche & Japaner.

Deutsche & Japaner — Mannheim —Horst Hamann — 2014

“Absolute New York, is a personal retrospective of Horst Hamann’s photographies from New York between 1978 and 2014. Famous for his view on skyscrapers, signatured through a black and white panorama perspective turned 90 degrees, Hamann associates New York when asked after a period of 40 years as a habitant as follows: “First and foremost it is about rapidness. The people think, act and even walk faster.”

As a result, the 400 paged book is covered with “ANY”, elusively scribbled glyphs by Hamann, cutting the full titel Absolute New York short, which is still visible on the books colored edge. Typewise “Interstate” represents the american metropolis’ street signage like no other. Considering bookstores and window displays, the stacked books communicate an architectural feel, a skyline of signs and advertising, imagining a tiny greyscale Times Square. The books index demonstrates an overview of more then 520 images, clearly referencing a photographical terminology, reminding of contact prints. A map of Manhattan helps locating the most important sights.” — Deutsche & Japaner

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