“Soundtrack des Stöhnens” posters by Apsara Flury, 2013.

“These posters were designed during a four-day workshop with Ludovic Balland at the School of Graphic Design in Lucerne. The aim was to make one poster per day based on a specific newspaper article and to do as many experiments as possible. Our only guideline was to keep everything in black and white.

Everyone who has ever watched a tennis game live on TV or on the court knows that most players like to moan and groan loudly. A Swiss Sunday papers called “Sonntagszeitung” published a short article about this phenomena titled “Soundtrack des Stöhnens”. The article referred to a website on which one could click on portraits of tennis stars like Nadal, and listen to their moaning during a tournament. I decided to visualise these strange sounds while using the basic structure of the newspaper. The poster series is quite dynamic as it incorporates the varying voice levels that can be heard during the game. Additionally, the flight path of the fast-moving ball and the tennis court itself were also used as elements.” — Apsara Flury

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