B & R — Interview

B & R, Noah Bonsma and Dimitri Reist — Graphic design studio based in Bern (Switzerland).

Hello Noah Bonsma and Dimitri Reist, how are you?

Hi there, we’re fine, thanks for asking! We’ve updated our website today. It’s been a while since we did this for the last time…

Can you introduce yourselves?

We are Noah Bonsma and Dimitri Reist. Together we run the graphic design studio
B & R based in Bern (Switzerland). We realize projects in the fields of branding / identity and editorial design.

Where does your interest in graphic design come from?

We can’t remember. Maybe it’s more a general interest in good design that evolved slowly over the years… Our parents and families also influenced us. We both grew up in an artistic and cultural environment.

How did you come to start up the studio?

We already did some work for clients during our studies. After finishing school with a BA in visual communication we continued working together and professionalized our workflow. When we won a pitch for a project of the city-government,
we founded B & R.

What are the key features of your design?

We really believe in good ideas. Whether producing a book, an identity or a poster — we start with the general idea and always try to focus on that. The good ideas last, they are independent, timeless! Our visual language tries to be simple and understandable. Sometimes we also search for an unexpected twist,
something edgy.

What’s your interest in book design?

The contents. Most of the books are made in close cooperation with a team (writers / artists / institutions / publishers / printers etc.) — very interesting people! You get involved with new topics for each project. Books also have so many layers in terms of design: dimensions, paper, layout, typography, printing, binding. Bringing all these layers together to a harmonic unity is a challenging task. After all it is just always a huge pleasure when the first issue is coming from the printer.

Is there any designer you appreciate a lot?

Oh so many! And not only designers, we are inspired by all kinds of people — musicians, artists, writers, scientists, architects, Zen-monks, just to name a few…  For us it seems very important to stay open-minded and get inspired by the great work and thoughts of others.

Which books are on your bedside table?

Fifty Shades Of Grey.

The last word…

Thank you for the interview, keep up the good work!


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Portrait : © Valentina Suter + Myriam Ziehli, Cantonale Berne Jura, together with
grotesk.cc – photo © Michal Schorro.

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