Etienne Derœux, creative director and founder of the fashion label Etienne Derœux, Paris.

Hello Etienne, how are you?

Hello, I’m well – thanks.

Can you introduce yourself? Tell us more about you and the history of the label.

I am Etienne Derœux, creative director and founder of my namesake label. The brand is based in Paris and is a little more than 3 years now. I’ve started this project out of the various experiences I had in Paris, London and New York. The main idea is to merge an American sportswear inspired wardrobe with French couture details and craftsmanship.

Every materials used in the collections are sourced carefully; pieces are manufactured in France in the best ateliers. The idea is to offer high quality clothing with a strong and efficient design tailored for modern women’s lifestyles.

Where does your interest in fashion design come from?

I grew up in a couture atelier, got my hands over fabrics and sewing machines at an early age. I was also very interested in arts, design and architecture and eventually figured out that the mix of all was called fashion design.

What’s the philosophy of the brand?

The brand’s philosophy is to create a couture inspired sportswear. This philosophy takes roots in France where I worked in haute couture first at Jean-Louis Scherrer, and then in New York where I worked for Matthew Ames, an American minimalist. I wanted to transcript the efficiency of American fashion with French couture code and propose a unique take on American sportswear, actually from a Parisian point of view.

Can you tell us about your latest collection, what was the inspiration behind it?

For the last collection I wanted to find inspiration in a character that would be a sort of guiding figure for the brand: a muse. Looking at things, Tina Chow turned out to be the perfect inspiration: a strong, independent, American women, unconventionally beautiful with a strong sense of style that was the perfect mix between Parisian couture and New Yorker’s effortless chic. She represents perfectly the woman I want to design for. SS15 is therefore both an ideal wardrobe for these women and a tribute to Tina Chow.

What influences you the most?

Women and architecture.

Is there any designer or artist you appreciate a lot?

Morris Louis, Franz Kline, Clyfford Still, Claire McCardell, Calvin Klein…

Which books are on your bedside table?

My Dear Bomb by Yojhi Yamamoto, On the Road By Jack Kerouac and IF by Rudyard Kipling.

The last word …

“Form Follows Function” — Louis Sullivan.



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Images ©Etienne Derœux.