Inès Longevial, Paris-based graphic designer and illustrator.

Hello Inès Longevial, how are you?

Hi, I’m fine, I’m eating a frosted-orange, it’s so good, you should try one!

Can you introduce yourself? Tell us more about you.

My name is Inès Longevial, I am 23, I am a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. I’m based in Paris since a few days.

Where does your interest in illustration and graphic design come from? What is your background?

I’ve always drawn and I’ve known for a long time that I wanted to work in this field – except for that “I’ll be an astronaut” phase, when I was around ten. That’s why it’s not that easy to say how it came to me. It’s been quite natural. I went to a boarding school to study applied arts. After my bachelor degree, I passed the Advanced Diploma of Applied Arts in Toulouse (DSAA) last year.

I chose to write my memoir about the night and I studied darkness as a form of perception. I was actually interested in creating the experience of night at any time of day, only using the illustration or the graphic design. These matters are still present in my work, especially for the art direction of l’Isolé.

Can you tell us more about your work for « l’Isolé »?

L’isolé is by far the most exciting project on which I had to work, for now! With its founder Guillaume Le Donche, everything went so quickly: he trusted me right away and I was free to do exactly what I wanted. He wished to resurrect the Pigalle of the 30’s between mafia and glamor girl. I aimed to embrace the place « like a Madam » with nearly subliminal images. What we see, we believe to see.

So I worked on some little sex scenes, more or less distinct, on decadence and secret too. Every week from September, one image will announce the programming on invitation and on instagram. Working with Julien Drapier was very rewarding and enriching, because he always thinks strategically and that brought a lot to us in the development of the whole visual communication. I’m very proud today to be an Isolé team player and work with these people I love!

You worked for Wad magazine. Is fashion one of your main inspiration?

Absolutely! This is what inspires me and attracts me the most. In fashion, first there is the body and then all the staging tells a story, shows a person. When I was a child I often got angry with my mother about getting dressed, I had a very clear idea of the assemblages I wanted to wear. It was bad taste to the general opinion, but that was what I wanted to show anyway. I think that we can work very freely with the images of fashion, cleverly mixing codes, colors and shapes. In a shooting for instance, you can use a dachshund, a green jumper and a pink parasol.

Is there any designer, artist or illustrator you appreciate a lot?

It is rather difficult to choose among them. My tastes are quite classic and I still use certain images from my childhood to inspire my work: Picasso, Geoff Mcfetridge, Philippe Jarrigeon, Gauguin, Andrew Masullo, Alex Israel, Camille Claudel and all the Disney Actor Studio who became singer.

Which book is on your bedside table?

Chocolate for breakfast by Pamela Moore,

Some projects to come?

Yes! I’m working with Fricote magazine, trying to create some illustrations for a great secret report, to be published in December. I am also realizing the illustrations for a Nike event, I am so glad of it. Concerning l’Isolé, I am making silk scarfs that will be on sale each season, from September and some secret project… I’ve also an exhibition in Paris on the 30th of October at 35 rue de Charonne 75011. But if I may, with all my heart, I would like to work with Novembre magazine or Etudes Studio.

The last word…

Bisous Tiffany and Dennis.



Interview : Tiffany Baehler & Dennis Moya – 10.14

Illustration ©Inès Longevial.