DANIEL EMMA — Interview

Daniel To and Emma Aiston established the design studio DANIEL EMMA in 2008, Adelaide, Australia.

Hello Daniel To and Emma Aiston, how are you?

We are well! It is the first hot day for a while, 36 degrees Celsius so we are thinking about going to the beach!

Can you introduce yourselves?

We are both industrial designers. We are married (to each other). We live with our sausage dog Frank and goldfish Tony. Daniel loves fried chicken. Emma loves pancakes.

Where does your interest in product design come from?

Emma — my mum, although she isn’t a designer she has always had a very strong interest in beautiful design and this influenced me from an early age.

Daniel — As a child I wanted to be a butcher, as I got older I wanted to study in art school, in some weird way this seems like a happy medium.

How did you come to start up your studio?

After studying together at university we moved to London where we worked for 2 years Daniel (Committee) Emma (Thorsten van Elten, Marc Newson). Before returning home to Australia we decided to launch DANIEL EMMA during London Design Festival in 2008 and have never looked back!

Can you tell us more about your collaboration with HAY?

We designed these pieces in 2010 and had been producing them ourselves in Australia for a while. We have known Sebastian Wrong from his time at Established and Sons so when he approached us about taking these pieces on we jumped at the chance.

What’s the idea behind the Mish Mash chair?

The Mish Mash chair is inspired by the mixture of materials and colours seen on the streets of Hong Kong and Japan. It is made of solid rock maple, marble, resin and aluminium, and is handmade and finished by a local furniture maker.

Do you follow a manifesto in your approach of design?

To create products which are ‘just nice’.

Is there any designer you appreciate a lot?

Each other.

Which books are on your bedside table?

Emma – trashy fiction, I love a good spy novel.

Daniel – mostly magazines (Kinfolk, Inventory, Lucky Peach).

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Pictures ©Daniel Emma + Brass Paperweights and DE Vessels : photo by Rodrick Bond.