Luciano Dell’Orefice, industrial designer based in Lausanne. Swiss brain, Italian heart.

Hello Luciano Dell’Orefice, how are you?

Ciao Dennis, I’m fine thanks and you?

Fine thanks! Can you introduce yourself, tell us more about you?

Luciano Dell’Orefice, industrial designer based in Lausanne. 1 wife, 1 daughter, 1 studio, 1 assistant, 
Swiss brain, Italian heart.

What is your experience and approach to design?

After graduated in 2005 from ECAL I started as assistant designer for Patricia Urquiola in Milan. Back in Lausanne 2 years later, I opened my own studio. My approach is quite like a cook recipe. I need to document myself and do some research that helps me to be critical on the topic and defining the ingredient of a purpose. Then I try to change the measures of these ingredients, questioning the reasons to use them or not…
and sometimes a little taste of obviousness appears.

You did the scenography of the 2014 Design Days and you will expose some of your objects. Can you tell us which ones and explain them to us?

The answer we found for Design Days 2014 scenography was a “wink” to former printing house function 
and the architectural character of the construction. The space here is organised by the rhythm of steel beams. We decided to use them by combining it with some sanitary clamps and cables to create a suspension system, which help us to organise exhibitors’ stands.

Beside the scenography, I have the opportunity to show some projects I did during these last years in a little presentation called “Antipasto”. It’s a freeze frame on my work. A selection of project developed 
in Switzerland and Europe questioning “a little hungry” for various topics such as: Contract furniture, domestic habits, sustainable mobility, accessories, urban furniture… It will show edited proposals or prototypes that could fill “small hollows” in usage.

Just some projects “appetizers” which tells my playful and sometimes ironic look at the daily life and maybe put you up on more “appetite”.

Do you follow any kind of manifesto?

Not really. I like to create stories around a topic and be very naive at the beginning of a project. Now I allow myself to this moment because I trust more my instinct. But I’m very doubtful anyway. A new project is an opportunity to try something different, especially in a different way. But I have to tell that it’s difficult to develop something that really deserves to exist. We have so much around us.

What is exciting in design today?

I think that the difficulty of the period we live in is a beautiful field of opportunity. The world is changing and people are ready to listen. As actors of creation we have to try to come up with something.

What’s next? Some projects to come?

I’m actually working on an acoustic project for an Italian company which should be presented at Orgatec‘ 2014 this fall…

The last word…

Ci vediamo!



Interview : Dennis Moya & Tiffany Baehler – 09.14

Projects ©Luciano Dell’Orefice.

This interview is part of a series in collaboration with the Design Days 2014.