KIND OF DESIGN — Interview

Kind of Design, Swiss industrial design brand founded by Marissa Scarangella, Bastian Perriard and Arnaud Spuhler.

Hello Marissa, Bastian and Arnaud, How are you?

We’re doing well, thank you. These past few weeks have been very exciting for us— so many opportunities have presented themselves for the brand.

Can you introduce yourselves, tell us more about Kind of Design?

We are a Swiss industrial design brand that is dedicated to the production of sustainable furniture in collaboration with Swiss artisans and producers. Each collection focuses exclusively on one material. This direct link with the material allows us to explore its limits in order to transform it to the best of our ability and with the utmost knowledge. We are a passionate team that shares a common desire to move forward and build together.

Where does your interest in product design come from? What is your background?

Bastian and I have always been fascinated by objects, their materiality and use. We met while completing our undergrads in industrial design. The degree was a three-year process during which we developed our artistic and critical skills, and refined our technical knowledge of materials, our taste for research and our curiosity. We were constantly surrounded by professionals, thus motivated to bring our ideas to life.

In 2013, a Fribourgeois metal company gave us the mandate of diversifying its activities. With their technical skills, we elaborated a unique line of furniture named M1. From there, it wasn’t a great leap from the idea for a single collection into that of a business; and so, Kind of Design was born.

With more than six years of experience in digital creation, we found that Arnaud, a veteran globetrotter who shared our fascination for materials, was the ideal person to create the image for our brand.

You will be present at Design Days 2014. Can you talk about your M1 collection?

Yes, Design Days is a crucial platform for the discovery of Swiss design, and we have the opportunity to showcase our first furniture collection there. This collection represents our reflections on metal. It is composed of five objects that were produced exclusively in Fribourg, Switzerland, in collaboration with Brandt SA (for manufacturing) and Cantin Group (for the laser cutting process and the surface treatment).

The craftsmanship and the materials seem to be essential in your designs, how do you proceed in your work?

We wish to start each of our collections by partnering up with a company or an artisan who is specialized in the chosen material. It is essential for us to work closely with our manufacturers in order to understand the material and its properties, so that we can come up with something new. It’s a kind of teamwork that allows for everyone to have the necessary space to contribute their knowledge and know-how.

What do you like about your work place?

We have a pretty atypical business configuration! Bastian and I work together in Bulle. Arnaud is currently working in Montreal. For us, this geographic separation is an advantage, because Arnaud can keep a detached, external eye on our work, meaning his criticism is more constructive and relevant. Outside of our weekly meetings, he joins us several times a year in Switzerland in order for us to foster inspiration together and develop our brand.

What is exciting in design today?

We’re excited by the multiple possibilities offered to designers, thanks to the extraordinary wealth of materials and modern technology. It has also become a field that is much more accessible, in part due to technology, which allows for surprising projects to come to fruition.

What’s next for Kind of Design?

We are currently developing our next line of furniture, which will be made of wood. During this first phase of research, we are collaborating narrowly with the Swiss carpenter Frederic Schneider, from the woodshop, Touche du Bois. We will unveil a first object in October, so stay tuned!

The last word…

Outside of our annual collection, we collaborate with all clients interested in producing or owning products derived from unique concepts.

Thank you for the interest you have in our brand. We will be overjoyed to meet you during Design Days. We will surprise you with simple and lasting objects that are made near you.



Interview : Tiffany Baehler & Dennis Moya – 09.14

Pictures ©Kind of Design.

This interview is part of a series in collaboration with the Design Days 2014.