EGLI STUDIO — Interview

Egli Studio, Swiss industrial design studio founded by Thibault Dussex & Yann Mathys.

Hello Thibault Dussex and Yann Mathys, how are you?

Not so bad.

Can you introduce yourselves? Tell us more about you and Egli Studio.

We are friends first and also two industrial designers from Geneva, Switzerland. We met at school and we’re launching Egli Studio. For us, Egli Studio is the best way to express our influences and our way of thinking through industrial design. The name Egli means perch in German and comes from our interest for fishing, which is our bro activity.

Where does your interest in product design come from?

We think that industrial design is the only job that allows you to think a lot on Monday, draw on Tuesday, design on Wednesday, do mockups on Thursday, make prototypes on Friday and all of this each time for completely different projects along your life.

Yann you have been awarded the Swiss Federal Design Award with Reverso, what was the idea behind this project, and what does this award mean to you?

I’m very proud because Reverso is the result of many researches on paper, a material that I love. The award is very motivating for the next steps of this project and it also makes me more confident for my projects in the future.

Thibault you developed “Edward” a shear for your diploma project. Can you tell us more about it?

Edward was a big challenge for me because designing tools is very difficult and also because I wanted to show to Felco that they needed to include designers in the process of making tools. It has been a very rich experience also because I learned a lot of things even if unfortunately the shear won’t be produced.

You will be present at the Design Days 2014. What will you show?

Our faces, the studio, a brand new project and past projects that we updated.

What is exciting in design today?

Doing things our way, discovering new stuff everyday and get paid for it.

Some projects to come?

Of course but it’s top secret.

The last word…




Reverso – ECAL Yann Mathys, Paper Hut – Yann Mathys, Charmotte – ECAL Thibault Dussex (photo ECAL Nicolas Genta), Cisaille – ECAL Thibault Dussex.

This interview is part of a series in collaboration with the Design Days 2014.