STUDIO BRITZ — Interview

Studio Britz, communication design studio founded in
 2013 by twin sisters Larissa and Léonie Britz. Mannheim, Germany.

Hello Larissa and Léonie Britz, how are you?

Hey Dennis and Tiffany, thank you, we’re doing well and hope the same for you. It’s nice talking to you!

Can you introduce yourselves? Tell us more about both of you and the Studio Britz.

We are twin sisters from Mannheim, Germany and both currently in our final semester of our Master’s degree in communication design. 2013 marked the end of our bachelor studies and during our final bachelor project we began to create the corporate design for our studio. We had been working together for a while at that point and therefore decided to visually represent our collaboration.

How do you work together? How is it to work in family?

As twin sisters we have always had a special bond because we understand each other explicitly without the need for words. Working together was not been something that we planned to do. Instead the idea developed quite naturally over time – we have always shared the same interests in style and taste. For us, working in family seems to be a logical decision and an ideal opportunity to get things started. It might also be a benefit that we can easily criticize one another without worrying about crossing the line of what is acceptable to say! We’re quite honest with each other. It can get pretty loud though.

Where does your interest in communication design come from?

We guess our parents played a big role. They influenced our sense of aesthetics and design from the very beginning as they had and still have a distinctive feeling of style. We’ve always enjoyed everything design-related, so for us it was quite obvious to study something within the field of design.

What do you think about the correlation between photography and graphic design?

Design and photography support one another fundamentally. But to us it always depends on the actualities, on how to balance these two disciplines against each other. The expression of each these disciplines should always be valued independently.

Is there any designer, photographer or movement you appreciate a lot?

We can hardly narrow this down to a singular person, as there are plenty of inspiring designers and photographers out there. Generally, we are impressed by people who are not only doing great visual work but who ambitiously follow their visions and dreams careless of what other people might think. Still we’d like to mention one artist, René Magritte that’ll be. Impressive and fascinating work.

Can you tell us more about your master’s degree and what will happen after it?

We’re currently doing our master’s degree in Mainz, a small town near Frankfurt. It’s a small group of 13 people and we mainly deal with the topic „Design for Participation“. In a few weeks we’ll start to work on our master project and six months from now we’ll be finished with our studies. Once we’re finished, we will develop our self-employment ventures and further establish our studio.

Which books are on your bedside tables?

Honestly, right now our bedside reading only involves university-related literature. Oh and a football world championship schedule.

The last word…

You are the pilot of your own spaceship.



Interview : Dennis Moya & Tiffany Baehler – 07.14

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