JULOT BANDIT — Interview

Julot Bandit, Paris-based photographer and director.
One half of the duo Julot / Julien.

Hello Julot Bandit, how are you?

Very well, I just finished a shoot for a special wedding in Florence. It should be released soon.

Can you introduce yourself?

Julot Bandit, photographer and director based in Paris. I have worked primarily in the commercial industry, fashion and music (album covers and press pics) since 2007. I am currently represented by the agency LE CRIME.

Who is Julien Drapier and how did you met?

Julien is primarily my bro. I believe he is the eye of the storm calm and collected, while I am the storm itself more unpredictable but also determined. With that in mind we have the same taste on many things and the mix of all these aspects creates a perfect synergy to our professional relationship. I met him at WAD magazine at the time that I wanted to start working with video. We realized that we were on the same wavelength, so we began Julot/Julien.

Why do you use the video’s medium with Julot / Julien?

I started getting frustrated with photo prod. I had the desire to go further in narration, which is difficult with the stillness of photography. That is why I began working in video.

Tell us more about Julot / Julien. How did you work together?

Julien being an artistic director, has a good approach to the attention to detail… Being a photographer myself, I work a lot with lighting with the DoP, our roles became natural right from the start without getting into each others territories. We find ourselves in the narration (with some unexpected debates sometimes but nothing that has broken our bond)

Where does your interest in photography come from?

It comes from my cousin Topolino (famous makeup artist from the 90/00s). I was fascinated with industry, the big Parisian photo studios, also the concept of imagining my ideas with my vision of lighting.

Is there a project / a personality you enjoyed shooting more than others? Why?

I like direct contact with the artists. I like to share a common vision, sort of like a featuring in music. I try to work with people I respect and get along with (Asap Rocky, Sebastien Tellier, Theophilus London, Travis Scott, and more recently Lilly Wood & The Prick).

Is there any photographer you appreciate a lot?

I really like the universe of Gregory Crewdson’s pictures. I can stay in front of his pictures for hours without flinching a muscle. Otherwise I am a huge fan of Annoe Leibovitz, Jean-Baptiste Mondino and Erwin Olaf. And there isn’t anything better than Jean Paul Goude.

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Portrait by ©Keffer

Photographs ©Julot Bandit.