Julien Drapier, Paris-based art director and graphic designer.
One half of the duo Julot / Julien.

Hello Julien Drapier, how are you?

Hello, I’m fine thank you. We just finished, Julot and I, the music video ‘Into Trouble’ of Lilly Wood & The Prick and several large projects in art direction and graphic design and I start to be represented by the agent Florence Moll.

Can you introduce yourself?

I am a freelance art director and graphic designer based in Paris. Fashion and Contemporary Culture are my main sources of inspiration but also expertise. The mediums of expression have no more barriers in my opinion:  from art direction to the film making passing through the print and the web, everything is mixed and that is what makes me love my job. Each project is a way to reinvent the preceding and its approach to the visual world.

Who is Julot Bandit and how did you met?

Julot Bandit is my friend, a talented photographer and my teammate. I met him through our mutual friend Alex Sossah to my arrival in Paris. We shared a common vision of what we want to do and those from our first professional meeting.

With Julot / Julien you are directing videos. What do you like on this medium?

Julot/Julien is a project between Julot and I where we do our best to make films with high artistic and aesthetic value. I love this medium since always, it has no limits and brings together all areas of artistic skills. The human relation, the collaboration with extraordinary people is so rewarding and makes the creation process more interesting. Our collaboration with our friend and director of photography Phillip Lozano is the best example. Without him (and many others), it would be impossible to achieve ambitious and quality project.

Tell us more about Julot / Julien. How did you work together?

Julot / Julien is a director duo that combines the talents of the photographer and the art director / graphic designer. Our originality draws as much its source in our arguments than in the respect we feel for each other. Our entourage describes us as a touching and endearing old couple.

Where does your interest in graphic design come from?

I came to graphic design / typography after 2 years of video and painting at the ERG, on the advice of Renaud Huberlant (Salut Public), professor of typography. I remember a brain wave in my last year where I have assimilated that the creation should be above all, fair and justified. I put a point of honor on all my projects to create logical systems, specific to the parameters of the project and the client. Visual communication is thus a non-compressible value in my approach to things.

You work with Lallali too, right?

Lallali is my first collaboration within a collective. I keep a unique relationship with its members despite I left Brussels.

Is there any designer you appreciate a lot?

I really appreciate designers from completely different universe. I think the works that I find myself the most is those of PleaseLetMeDesign because I find it humorous and timeless. Otherwise, I’m a fan of the work of Shoboshobo or Tymote.

The last word…

Thanks you so much Ligature for your support.


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Portrait by ©Keffer

Projects ©Julien Drapier – Julot/Julien.
Danny Brown – “Black Brad Pitt” photographs by Julot Bandit.

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