In Wool We Trust — ECAL

“In Wool We Trust” — Until tomorrow at Design Miami/ Basel 2014.

On the occasion of Design Miami/ Basel 2014 (17 to 22 June), ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne, in cooperation with The Woolmark Company and Mover Sportswear, presents “In Wool We Trust”. This exhibition pays tribute to various qualities of wool with set-ups produced by Product Design Master students following a workshop led by designers Ronan Bouroullec and Camille Blin.

“ Wool as a material is part of our everyday life. Even without a specific shape or colour, it means something to each one of us. Our task was to experiment in order to shape these sensations”, say Ronan Bouroullec and Camille Blin, the designers in charge of this project at ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne. Taking a prospective approach, Mover Sportswear, a Swiss brand which pioneered the use of wool in technical ski clothing, and The Woolmark Company, the global authority of wool and owners of the iconic Woolmark logo, turned to ECAL to revisit this natural fibre.

Based on a very open brief, Ronan Bouroullec and Camille Blin led students in the Product Design Master programme to work on large-scale installations and to rethink this material which is often confined to handicraft, furniture or clothing. The six projects on display stage wool in a poetic way and surprise visitors with an offbeat approach. Each set-up tells a story that highlights the many qualities of merino wool. The lightness of a single thread which flies off, the transformation of wool through its manufacturing process, colour plays – the variety of approaches taken by the students creates a rich set of works to nurture and change our vision of wool as a material.


Projects :
“Comet”, ECAL/Vincent Dechelette
A mechanic circus of coloured wool threads moving around the space, reminding us the weaving process.

“Föhn”, ECAL/Dominic Schlögel
A string of Merino wool floating horizontally in the air, only held by a metal pole, underlining wool’s lightness, its quality as a living material and enables the visitor to interact with the woollen thread.

“Fubuki”, ECAL/Takafumi Nemoto (Sound creation: Yasuharu Okochi)
A snow storm effect created by virgin wool fibers spinning in water.

“Metamorphosis”, ECAL/Seraina Lareida
This intriguing tapestry evokes the story of wool, from raw material to the most refined wool fabric.

“Threaded”, ECAL/Charlotte Baverel
An installation that plays with the beauty of a simple wool thread spinning on itself.

“Woolcandy”, ECAL/Carolien Niebling
A friendly giveaway that is reminiscent of virgin wool.

Photos : ECAL/Axel Crettenand
Text : press release.

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