HUBER EGLOFF — Interview


huber egloff

Womenswear brand founded in Zürich by the fashion designers
Andreas Huber and Raúl Egloff Alcaid.


Hello Andreas Huber and Raúl Egloff Alcaide, how are you?

Thank you, we are fine!

Can you introduce yourselves?

Huber egloff was founded in 2012 in Zürich, Switzerland. At last we worked successfully together at Akris in Switzerland where the initial idea of the brand was born. Before we have gained extended experiences in international fashion brands such as Balmain and Lanvin in Paris, Kostas Murkudis in Berlin, and in collaborations with Mykita and Coccinelle.

Where does your interest in fashion come from?

Designing fashion is for us a general, extensive way of communication. We both really want to express ourselves in our very own way!

What’s the style definition of huber egloff and can you tell us a bit about the philosophy of the brand ?

The main focus is to establish our vision of the brand, to grow constantly and to push things forward! It is very important for us to create innovative, unique garments for everyday life. Our indisputable vision is to be progressive and surprising. Our brand stands for high quality fabrics and refreshing exclusivity.

Can you tell us about your latest collection, what was the inspiration behind it?

It is about the glance of everyday life, and the fearless imagination of a modern woman. The general idea is to create a perfect wardrobe from the moment you wake up, till late, after a glitter night out.
 Layered A-line shapes inspired by the early Twenties, the conceptual art of Manzoni, the late graphics of Meret Oppenheim and the sculptural art of Eva Rothschild build up the inspirational foundation of the collection.

What do you think about the fashion industry and the creative scene in Switzerland?

Switzerland does not exist on the international map in terms of fashion. It has its positive and negative aspects. It is easier to stand out and get attention in our own country, but the international press and especially buyers does not look over the French and Italian border. Not yet. We want to proof that Swiss fashion can be relevant and innovative on an international level.

Is there any designer or movement you appreciate a lot?

Anything can be used as inspiration. We take inspiration of real people and real life. There are always finely interwoven themes. Our philosophy stands for the power of unexpected contrasts and to transform things into a contemporary and outstanding language.

Where is your studio based and what do you like about this place?

Our studio is based in Zürich city! It is a perfect place to work and to focus on our daily business! It’s almost our second home, we love it!

The last word…

Our constant Leitmotiv: Dedication, passion and persistence. And especially the courage to challenge our own point of view!



Interview : Dennis Moya & Tiffany Baehler – 05.14
Images : A/W 2014 ©huber egloff.



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