Trine Wackerhausen – Interview


Trine Wackerhausen — Fashion designer from Copenhagen.
Founder of the brand Wackerhaus.


Hello Trine Wackerhausen, how are you?
I am very well thanks! I got married in summer, and am now preparing for our AW14 show during CPH Fashion Week – excited and busy at the same time! Life is good.

Can you introduce yourself?
Well, I was born in Copenhagen and left for Stockholm to study design. Afterwards I headed for Saigon to work and explore life. For me, Copenhagen is really my place to stay. As I have my business here, my love, my dog, bright summer nights and a smile on my face….which are elements so meaningful in my life.

How did you come to start up the label?
This derives from an urge to explore the luxury of doing exactly what you feel like. This is a true privilege when you start up your own label. There simply are no restrictions. Initially, this thought is what started it all, perhaps a little young and naïve, but sincere nonetheless. Later on, I came to understand, that this total freedom, is not always possible, as you need to pay attention to the market and your clients as well. Therefore new dogmas appeared, but actually I prefer that there are some frameworks to operate within, it actually enlarges and challenges my creativity.

Where does your interest in fashion come from?
For as long as I remember, I have had a great interest and love for aesthetics. At the same time I am very practical. To me, fashion was a great way of combining these two elements.  It allows you to create something beautiful and interesting which is wearable and comfortable at the same time. To achieve such synergy in each garment, this is my drug.

What about style? What influences you the most?
Quite straightforwardly: People. I simply love watching and observing people.

What was the idea and concept behind the SS14 collection?
SS14 was drawn from the concept of exploring the Scandinavian summer nights. A sense of springlike winds, the city as your oyster and that buzzy feeling Copenhagen gets during the lighter season. POOL CITY, is an exploration of comfortable fabrics, pastels and a light silhouette. For me it was important to focus on a lighter theme for SS14, after the dark and long winter.

Where is your studio based and what do you like about this place?
We just moved to a new bright studio in the north eastern part of Copenhagen. It is an old butchers shop, with big rounded windows. It is really beautiful. The area is very local in the sense that people actually know each other, some have lived here all their lives and it is a great mix of all kind of people living here. Next is, this particular area of Copenhagen that has not been exploited yet, so it still has a very charming and genuine feel.

Which book is on your bedside table?
Currently I am exploring: Midaq Alley by Najib Mahfu. Settling on Cairo during the 2nd world war, I just started it and am frankly struggling a bit with concentrating, but lets see how I get on.

The last word…
Laugh or smile. Either one!



Interview : Dennis Moya & Tiffany Baehler – 01.14

Pictures ©Wackerhaus.