Seung-Yong Song – Interview


For our first 2014 article we present you the work of the South Korean designer Seung-Yong Song. He worked with French designers Jean Marc Gady and Patric Nadeau until he founds his own studio in 2011.


Hello Seung-Yong Song, How are you?
I am going well. I took a holiday for a couple of days after a show in design Miami/Basel. I started new projects to show next year and now I plan to have a showcase via W Hotel Hong Kong in BODW Hongkong in December.

Can you introduce yourself?
I am a Korean designer. I specialized in sculpture & design and I worked as a freelance designer in collaboration with designers Jean Marc Gady, Patric Nadeau, and Matt Sindall in France. I set up my own studio in 2011 and I currently work in Seoul, South Korea.

What is your experience and approach to design?
As a designer, I work in various fields. Sometimes I create things as an artist, and sometimes I design as an industrial designer or a space designer. My favorite work is designing furniture, but I try to refresh my perspective on the arts, life, industry, design, objects, space, and so on through different projects.

Can you tell us more about the “Objet(O, B, A, E)” Chair design series?
The Objet collection began with my constant moving and living in a small house in Paris. A small window let me forget how it is cramped in a room which was full with a bed and a desk. Then I began to think about the pleasure and comfort from the space even though it was small and uncomfortable, rather than the materialistic coziness and comfort from the space and object. In “L’espace poétique” (the poetic space) by Gaston Bachelard, there is the story about the Count who made a small space in the basement of his mansion and cooped up there. I would like to create such cozy space as the bird’s nest rather than huge mansion and the objects which make us feel the spiritual comfort and freedom from that space.

How do you process in your work?
I often enjoy drawing the idea with sketch by habit. Even though it is kind of the scratchy drawing, I get a lot of inspirations from it. Once I set up a design concept from the idea, I move on to 3D rendering and small-scale model. In this step, I correct the flaw and finally modify the project. The most difficult thing in the process is to establish the network with manufacturer and craftsman in order to bring the best result.

What do you like about your working and living place?
I am working in a peaceful rural area nearby Seoul. There is an office, a workroom and a garden. I grow some vegetables in the corner of the garden in my spare time.
As I often work out of office daytime, I like to work late in the office.
This place allows me to realize my imagination and give me constantly the energy for creation.
I adore this place where the memory of work and living is printed everywhere.

Some projects to come?
Since last year, I have worked in the tableware projects. Recently, I am very interested in ceramic product. If I get an occasion, I would like to challenge more with this material.



Interview : Dennis Moya & Tiffany Baehler – 01.13

Images ©Seung-Yong Song.


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