Lucio Vanotti — Milan-based fashion designer.


Hello Lucio Vanotti, how are you?
Hello ! I’m very fine and hope you are well too?

Yes thanks. Can you introduce yourself?
Of course. I am an independent Italian fashion designer, based in Milan, where we also have our design atelier and design all the collections. Each season I craft a men and women collection, always with a pensive and reflective touch.

How did you come to start up the label?
Well, I studied fashion in the second half of the nineties, and afterwards worked for several designers in Milan, it always was something lying dormant inside of me. I felt triggered by my surroundings and composedly started to draft, design and produce my own designs along the way. It felt natural to me to proceed with this, therefore, I founded my own brand about 4 years ago.

What is your experience and approach to design and fashion?
For me this is centred on the principle fact that I simply love beauty. I try everything to achieve beauty. One of my favorite games is to analyze something bad and neglected and understand how to embellish and ameliorate it. Will this appraisal of beauty save the world?

What was the idea and concept behind the Spring Summer 2014 collection?
For this collection, I got deeply involved in a bright, harmonious, relaxing and soothing momentum. It lures you into a dreamlike stasis. Imagine a sleepy afternoon by the pool in a villa designed by Richard Neutra. As with each collection, I am to let the garments speak for themselves, enveloping the wearers comfortably.

What is the satisfaction to work in Milan?
To me, this is the luxury of being surrounded by so much sartorial history. Milan has so many great stories. Also it allows you to find craftsmanship and inspirational workshops, to collaborate and interact with.

Is there any designer or movement you appreciate a lot?
I must admit I do have a fetish for the art of Carl Andre.

What is exciting in fashion today?
Simply put, it is the massive multiplication of collections each year. Exciting on the one hand, for its pace, but there are so many collections, that at times I fear this could destroy the concept of fashion and innovation of design.

The last word…
Try to always be free.



Interview : Dennis Moya & Tiffany Baehler – 01.14

Images : Women SS14 – Lucio Vanotti.
Thanks to Marlo Saalmink.