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We interviewed the Danish based fashion designer Nicklas Kunz. He talked about his own menswear brand, his career and his perception of manhood in fashion. It’s a pleasure for us to present Nicklas and his work on


Hello Nicklas, how are you?

It’s all good. A little studio secret – I’m actually working on a Nicklas Kunz ‘national anthem’ i.e. a sound that reflects the universe, the signature, the vibe, the man of the brand. Its will be a showcase of SS14 collection but the focus is on the sounds and not the clothing as such. It will be recorded, filmed in two weeks so it will be ready for the press days in New York.

Can you introduce yourself? Tell us more about you and the history of the label

Nicklas Kunz – grew up in the suburb of Copenhagen, Albertslund with my mom on a street called blockland on the 2nd floor. The guys and I called it the concrete hood back then. The label started right after I finished my MA in menswear – I thought to myself; ‘ if I don’t get picked up by a big fashion brand after our MA fashion show, I would start my own shit’.
I got into the fashion game because I wanted to change menswear. The scene back then was pretty boring for us men. I can pick up on things of the moment others don’t have the skill to express.

We need to celebrate manhood and focus on what it stands for being a man. For me it is all about the four elements – attitude, personality, strength, and sex – I want to sexualize men in an underplayed powerful way.

How was your experience with Henrik Vibskov?

It was a good experience – I pretty much just started my ‘fashion’ education and by being at Vibskov it showed me how to approach the design process.

What is your experience and approach to fashion?  Where does your interest in fashion come from?

It comes from a place beyond words inside myself.

Your collections are clearly influenced by sportswear. Do you have a style definition of your brand?

I don’t wish to be labelled by definitions because I’m not connected to a certain time but my focus is on the four above mentioned elements, with strong influences such as sport & urban cultures.

We saw Kendrick Lamar wearing one of your pieces. What do you think about the current influences between menswear fashion and the new Hip-Hop scene?

I love it, I grew up on Hip-Hop – here at Nicklas Kunz studio, Bone Thugs N Harmony has got a lot of love for their old school fast rap. Fashion & music has always gone hand in hand, it elevates it to a higher level.

Can you tell us about your latest collection, what was the inspiration behind it?

Basketball training camp, canis and the color white.

Is there any designer or movement you appreciate a lot?

Fred Spurr my RCA mentor, Alexander McQueen – legendary and Riccardo Tisci, he is my hero, his ability to elevating streetwear into fashion, is one of the things I admire, which is also one of my strengths.

Which books are on your bedside table?

I would point out Chuck Palahniuk’s Invisible Monsters because it portrays and deals with the multiple selves of the Self.

The last word…

Dress to kill.



Interview : Dennis Moya & Tiffany Baehler – 09.13

Images are ©Nicklas Kunz.



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below : AW 13 collection.

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