Anna Blattert – Interview


We are glad to present the Zurich based product designer Anna Blattert. She’s one of the co-founders of design collective Postfossil. She talks to us about her “Stir it” project, her interesting approach of design, and her love of words.

This interview is part of a series resulting from
our collaboration with
the Design Days 2013.


Hello Anna, how are you?
Thank you I am fine. How are you today?

Well, thanks. Can you introduce yourself?
I am a product designer based in Zurich, co-founder of Postfossil, 33 years old, love to read, to write, to discuss and to dance.

Can you tell us more about Postfossil?
Postfossil is a design collective founded in 2007, working on the topic of the post fossil fuel era. Since 2012 we produce and distribute our own collection here in Switzerland. We are also organising workshops, and giving lectures to raise awareness for the resource scarcity. We are five industrial designers but all with different professional backgrounds. We complement each other.

What is your experience and approach to design? Where does your interest in design come from?
My approach is mostly a conceptual one. It’s more a thinking of a situation than the thinking of a product first. When I work for Postfossil the approach has mostly to do with consumer behaviours and the try to change them in a positive way.

I grew up with art and architectural books and magazines. I think that was my early influence. Later when I was doing my apprenticeship as draughtsman in an architectural office, I realised that I was more interested in the “things” people bring in their home than in the building itself. Since some years my interest in architecture rises again. For example actual projects in Zurich, where people are living in small individual spaces with shared community areas are highly interesting – also for product design.

What was the idea behind the “Stir It“ glass carafe that will be present at the Design Days 2013?
The idea for “Stir it” came up when I was in New York in a hot summer. People were selling home made lemonade on the streets. I was thinking about a carafe that helps you to make your own flavoured water, to celebrate and visualize it, instead of buying bottled flavoured drinks. I designed “Stir it” for the first self produced collection of Postfossil called “home made”. All parts of “Stir it” are handmade in Switzerland.

Is there any designer or movement you appreciate a lot?
There are a lot of other designers I appreciate. Some of them became friends. I like people who are passionate, who belief in what they do, who are driven by an idea not by money. I think that my work is more influenced by political and social movements than by design movements. But maybe I am wrong.

Which books are on your bedside table?
There is always a tower of books beside my bed. In my pocket just now is “Invisible” by Paul Auster. I like Ginsberg, Diane di Prima, Kerouac. Since some time the beat authors and this movement fascinates me. But I also enjoy reading a good thriller or nonfiction. Words are my second passion. If there would be the possibility to make my life just by reading and writing – I wouldn’t hesitate for a second. So if you have an opportunity – call me!

The last word…
Thanks for your time.



Interview : Dennis Moya & Tiffany Baehler – 09.13

Photo product : Philipp Hänger.
Design : Anna Blattert.


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